Yoni Steaming


Yoni steaming is an ancient and incredibly powerful practice for every womyn! This gentle, restorative vaginal health practice can contribute to a healthy menstrual flow, a decrease in pre-menstrual symptoms like bloating, emotional extremes, acne, cramping, vaginal dryness, and even help manage certain chronic conditions like Interstitial Cystitis and pelvic pain from tight pelvic floor muscles. If you experience vaginal dryness, take the Pill, have missing periods, painful periods or pre-menstrual symptoms that feel like they take over your life once a month the practice of yoni steaming could help you.

Yoni steaming has many known benefits such as deeper sleep, relaxation, water disbursement from bloating, improved circulation, heightened fertility, libido, and sexual sensation. It can lead to emotional balancing. It also beautifies the skin, tightens and lifts the vaginal canal and softens scar tissue (from hysterectomy to birth tears during post partum healing). In even more extreme cases, yoni steaming has helped resolve fibroids, cysts, and several other gynecological issues.

Five to ten sessions or at least three months of steaming (depending on the steaming schedule) are suggested to reap the maximum benefits and unlock the body’s innate healing capacity.

The first yoni steam session for every woman is just a 10 minute steam experience with a blend of herbs specifically catering to the client’s needs. Due to costs of herbs, time required from practitioner and other factors, every steam is $50.


How does it work?

Plainly speaking, one sits over a trunk-like box (pictured above at top of page) with a hole in the top. There are steaming herbs in water inside the trunk that you sit over. You are never too close to the steaming water so that it burns; it's always a pleasant feeling.

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Will it hurt?

Absolutely not! Yoni steaming is a gentle, non-invasive and relaxing experience. Expert and educator Keli Garza explains, "If you’ve never experienced it before, it’s like taking a bath—you feel calm and cozy and clean afterwards." 

Some history around yoni steaming . . . Egyptian midwives were known to share this practice with their post-partum mothers, recorded in Traditional Chinese Medicine texts, & also in Aryuveda (Indian health philosophy from a very very long time ago), steaming was actually wiped from common health practices for women by the “grandfather” of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims in the 1880s. In the U.S. he performed invasive, extreme surgery on his female slaves without anesthesia, usually ending in their unnecessary deaths. Once he had perfected his techniques, he recruited other white men to learn his “gynecology” with great success obviously and unfortunately. Many midwifery traditions and incidentally ancient knowledge has been wiped out by the carryover of patriarchy & white supremacy into the medical industry & perception of the female body. Steaming has been making a slow comeback ever since, one glorious vulva at a time. . .