Dede Gracey

I took Liz’s suggestion and tried the vaginal steaming. I have to say, I was very curious but apprehensive about the process. I really had never heard of this natural healing process for women. Sitting on the steamer was very comfortable, I had a skirt on so I didn’t feel exposed in any way. Liz suggested I sit for about 10 minutes since it was my first time. While I sat on the steamer I checked my messages on my phone, I read my e-book and was very comfortable. I’m really glad I tried v-steaming because the next day I felt fresh and clean.

I would recommend this process for a variety of women’s issues. P.S. I also want to mention Liz was very professional when explaining this process.

-Dede Gracey

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Geoff Jaeger

I have greatly benefitted from Liz Hoffman's hot stone massage on several occasions in my pursuit of treatment for a complex lumbar spine/pelvic girdle issue. The treatments have brought me significant relief; and have actually allowed me to approach pre injury activity levels. She is an intuitive, empathetic, feedback driven practitioner who combines her massage skills with an in depth knowledge of kinesiology and extensive experience as a yoga instructor to provide a very targeted, therapeutic experience. The hot stone component of her treatment allowed me to effectively relax in order to receive the full benefit of the treatment. She has my unqualified recommendation.

-Geoff Jaeger

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Jean Hudson

This was a surprising experience. The steam is obviously hot, but not uncomfortably so. It was pervasive and relaxing. My lower back seemed to unkink a notch and the warming goodness lasted long after the actual steam. A wonderful all-over-good-feeling. As a post-hysterectomy woman, I felt happy to have this deep awareness and relaxation.

-Jean Hudson

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Cecelia Stubblefied

My husband and I were lucky enough to both take Gentle Yoga classes from Liz Hoffmann. I found her to be a top notch instructor. Liz is warm and caring; she encourages communication. She is very perceptive; she is quick to notice if a student needs to be shown modifications for a pose. She then puts that student at ease in doing a pose that fits within their body’s limitations. She does not stay in front, but when it is necessary, moves among the class to make minor adjustments to assist with a pose.

I value an instructor who puts safety of her students foremost. I found that Liz creates a safe and nurturing environment for her class—no on fails with any pose, no matter what their physical limitations may be. I whole heartedly recommend Liz Hoffman.

-Cecelia Stubblefied

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Morgan Tove Orr

Okay.... so.... VAGINAL STEAMING! You know you’re curious.... and so was I!

Liz was already a trusted bodywork professional (and friend; full disclosure) when she mentioned to me that she was going to practice for her vaginal steaming certification. She asked if I’d be interested in being one of her clients while she learned. I can’t say I’d ever had a particular interest in seeking this service out for myself, but I was super excited to give it a shot in the name of “helping out a friend.”

Before my first session I did a short intake questionnaire, so Liz could help decide which type and level of steaming would be right for me. You can ask about the various therapeutic applications of this practice, but on the most basic level, I enjoyed my steaming as I would have a meditation or yoga session. Liz read a beautiful body blessing to me (and I suggest you ask for it if she doesn’t offer...!) and then we chatted quietly as I finished my steam. (You can also be left alone at any time if you’d prefer!)

Afterwards, Liz had a couple of nice stretching & rolling tools to offer, so I relaxed and rolled around on the floor for a few minutes before I went home. We have done a couple of sessions together now, and I look forward to my next as I look forward to my other self-care routines and indulgences. Different steams offer different results, so talk to Liz about what

Vaginal Steaming can do for you!

Treat yo’self and give it a try!

What’ve you got to lose?

-Morgan Tove Orr

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