Womb Wellness

Honeysuckle Healing now offers womb wellness sessions. These are ideal if you want to experience a nourishing, restorative connection to your roots, pelvic floor, and reproductive organs. Often times the messages surrounding menstruation and vulva function and appearance in this culture can be negative and lead to shame. To make matters worse, many people experience trauma in these sacred and complex areas of the body. The belly, the womb, human softness and strength come from these vulnerable places. You can have harmonious connection and find peace in your body.

The Womb Wellness package includes a yoni steam session and a Pelvic Floor Yoga Session. This is a 60-75 minute private yoga session guided by Elizabeth. The asanas, pranayama, and philosophy will be yoni-womb centered and invite a sense of relaxation, exploration, and engagement in the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. The sequences will often vary depending on the unique needs of the client. (For more information regarding yoni steaming please click above on the services tab, Yoni Steaming is at the top.)

Lastly the Womb Wellness package includes a pelvic floor bodywork session. Sometimes we experience disconnection from our root because of various trauma. The body needs support to heal. Compassionate, clinical and gentle internal pelvic floor work can help grow awareness and kindness for this space inside of us. It can help bring light and understanding to our physical and energetic imbalances that can block or limit our core vitality. This can be a source of awakening that can lead to healing of habitual patterns or traumatic experiences.
The internal pelvic floor work sessions include aspects of pelvic attunement and internal vaginal massage with external pelvic-abdominal assessment, postural awareness, and other techniques to help reposition prolapsing or restricted organs, release scar tissue, and increase pelvic circulation.
A well functioning pelvic floor fulfills five essential functions for the human body:

  • Sexual Function

  • Stability

  • Sphincter control

  • Pump for blood and lymph

  • Support for pelvic organs

Womb wellness packages are available at a sliding scale rate of $225-$250