Honeysuckle Healing’s owner has one intention in mind— To share the health and wellness practices with others that have rehabilitated her body and nourished her whole self.


Honeysuckle Healing's foundations are built on a land cultivated from movement practices like yoga and dance into a collaboration of touch therapy, yoga, and women's health practices. Creator and owner, Elizabeth Hoffmann, has dedicated her education to understanding and supporting the human body, beginning with a 200 hr yoga teacher training in her early twenties which has led to teaching over 1,000 hours of movement to diverse populations for over five years. Having learned a style of yoga that began rooted in traditions of Iyengar and Desikachar, it was vinyasa and very active. Through personal growth and a couple significant health crises, Elizabeth's interpretation of yoga has slowly morphed into a deepening of Yin holds in asana practice, meditation in resistance, and less yang interpretations of yogic principles. Elizabeth is grateful for every teacher she has had along her path, having learned from one whenever possible. 

Elizabeth graduated from Oregon School of Massage in August 2018 with a 640 hour massage therapy education. Since late 2018, she has been pursuing continuing education to aid her in serving her community. Certified to perform internal pelvic floor bodywork, Elizabeth learned this sacred and restorative work is a powerful medicine and grounding experience for most yoni owners.

After beginning to have her own taboo and difficult health issues around menstruation and sex, unexpectedly, yoni steaming made an appearance in Elizabeth's healing world. She was converted to the practice instantly and has since learned how to facilitate this experience for others.

Additionally, having completed 60 hour trauma informed teacher training by Passion Yoga School + Bodywise Institute in the jungle of Costa Rica in 2018, Elizabeth is able to hold space and instruct yoga to individuals and groups who may have a compromised nervous system due to trauma of many natures. 

In April 2019 Elizabeth began an apprenticeship with Dave Wilkinson of MassageWorks in Albany, Oregon. This apprenticeship affords her an opportunity to continue furthering her understanding of muscular recovery and rehabilitation.

Elizabeth's style of massage integrates the techniques she learns from her apprenticeship, relaxing Swedish work as well as stretches, breathwork, and neuromuscular techniques like trigger point therapy. Elizabeth is a Level I Reiki practitioner and incorporates energy work into many of her sessions with clients. She also practices reflexology techniques on to hands, feet, and ears.  There is an option to use silicone cupping, gua sha, and/or essential oils to deepen the healing experience if requested by client. 

In Elizabeth’s own words, “I’ve learned to listen to my body; it serves as a guide towards the best way to live for me. I’m not here to preach a right way, I’m here to make space for you to find your own way. I aim to make space for my clients to hear their own bio-feedback and make adjustments to their habits and lifestyles accordingly in the hope of a higher and higher quality of living. Self care is not selfish, self care is the way we can begin to hold space and care for others from our highest vibrations.”