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Honeysuckle Healing’s owner, Elizabeth Hoffmann, offers one-to-one & small groups sessions in Corvallis. Elizabeth has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching yoga since 2014. She is an experienced registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance with over 1,000 teaching hours as well as a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider. Elizabeth is also a Trauma Informed Yoga provider from Passion Yoga School and Bodywise Institute.

Ardha Padmasana/Half Lotus Pose

Ardha Padmasana/Half Lotus Pose

Trauma Informed Yoga

If you are looking for a yoga experience that invites you back into your body gently, this is a practice that may fit you. Trauma is any event in which the body does not have the resources to cope. These could be micro-stresses like stressful traffic or larger, more devastating stresses like war, abuse, addiction, natural disasters or other life changing experiences or ongoing circumstances.

Private sessions are recommended for the most individualized experience for each person. TIY (Trauma Informed Yoga) is all about becoming grounded and welcoming the soul back into the body. This style of yoga regulates the nervous system, facilitating the rest and digest response which creates space for recuperation. Many of the tools shared in yoga can help with responding resiliently under the everyday stress of living and creating a more sustainable mental and physical tool kit for the person living with trauma or stress.

The lives most people lead tend to be hurried, overwhelming, and draining. In contrast, this practice invites one to slow down, restoring a sense of peace, well being and supporting a person’s natural resilience that helps the body & mind recover.

Yoga Rates

Sliding scale for one on one
Small groups (2 minimum, 4 maximum)
$25/a person